In our experience, remodeling stress is due almost entirely to the budget and poor planning.  We work to limit stress by explaining the remodeling process and ensure that all material selections and design decisions are made prior to beginning work.  You will know what decisions need to be made, where to shop, how to calculate your costs, and what our daily activities are.  As your remodeling contractor, we consider it our job to keep you feeling in control and excited about your project's progress.

·Attention to detail
·Complete remodeling services
·Just-right-size company
·Reasonable price
·Good communication

Why Us?

About Us

Tejas Remodeling, LLC is a complete remodeling company which was started by Jeff Gossett in 2002.  After finishing college and working out of state, Jeff returned home to follow his dream of starting his own business.  He is passionate about home remodeling and has a strong understanding of quality construction.

Tejas Remodeling, LLC is fully insured and has been working with high standards from its beginning, understanding the process of construction, and valuing our customers.  We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding product for a reasonable price with good communication, quality service, and cleanliness.  We believe this is due to our just-right size, sound financial and business practices, and commitment to 100% client satisfaction.  Our list of references is a testament to the solid value we offer.